REFLECTIONS – The Movie – Novel by Lori Howell
Winner of 34 Awards!!!
Hollywood Screenplay Contest Official-finalist- Reflections - Lori Howell
Reflections - OFFICIAL SELECTION-L.A. Neo Noir Novel Film Script Festival


UIFF Trophy for Reflections -2017

Reflections - Best Suspense Thriller Screenplay
Award Photo for Reflections Movie
Filmmakers Official Selection - Lori Howell - Reflections


WINNER UIFF official selection festival Laurel - Reflections 2017

Revenge breeds murder. A forensic pathologist unveils a terrorizing secret that puts her life in peril; in the path of a serial killer and makes her as the chief suspect.

3D-Book-Cover - Reflections written by Lori Howell

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REFLECTIONS the Movie - Lori Howell

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